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Conditions d'utilisation
      The IBL Fidelity Card will be issued to every director, employee, pensioner, and shareholder of IBL Ltd and exclude companies that are shareholders. The Card is for the cardholder’s personal use and in case of loss the IBL Fidelity card department must be informed within 48 hours. A fee of Rs200 +Vat will be charged for the issuing of a new card.
      The cardholder must present his/her identity card each time he/she uses the IBL Fidelity Card.
      The IBL Fidelity Card entitles the cardholder to discounts on CASH purchases at the points of sales listed on the web site. These discounts are applicable only on the products mentioned and only at the points of sales listed and exclude all promotions.
      The cardholder will also accumulate rewards points on every Rs100 spent according to the Point of Sale listed on the website. The rewards points obtained by one cardholder are not transferable to another cardholder.
      The cardholder can redeem the rewards points for purchase vouchers that can be used for purchases at any Point of Sale listed on the website. Once issued purchase vouchers cannot be cancelled or exchanged for cash.
      The cardholder must use the Purchase Vouchers before the expiry date. The points of sales will not accept Purchase Vouchers after the expiry date. The IBL Fidelity Card Department is not responsible for lost, damaged or stolen vouchers redeemed through rewards points.
      The IBL Fidelity Card Department will not entertain any communication regarding dispute on products/services offered by the point of sales
      A statement grouping purchases by point of sale and showing rewards points earned will be sent to the cardholder on at least twice a year.
      The card will be deactivated when the cardholder is no longer a director, employee, pensioner or shareholder of IBL.
      The IBL Fidelity Card Department reserves the right to change the Terms & Conditions herein and the points required for the redemption of rewards points at any time without prior notice. IBL may at any time change or cancel the present scheme.
      By using the IBL Fidelity Card, the cardholder accepts the Terms and Conditions contained therein.
      Fraud and abuse relating to discounts or earning of reward points may result in the cancellation of the Card and the benefits attached to.
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